Published: Tue, June 12, 2018

Tony Awards winners take the stage to accept their gongs

Tony Awards winners take the stage to accept their gongs

Actor Robert De Niro said "f-- Trump" at the Tony Awards Sunday night and got a standing ovation. What the Oscar victor had said was, "I'm going to say this: F*** Trump".

De Niro was on stage at the Tonys to introduce Bruce Springsteen, whose spoken-word-into-"My Hometown" performance is a whole other conversation that you should really consider having today.

At the Tony awards, De Niro launched an expletive at Trump and pumped his arms for emphasis.

"Boy, do we need that now".

With his fists raised towards the sky, De Niro explained: "I'm gonna say one thing".

Once they found out, many applauded De Niro for his comments.

The crowd's reaction was a standing ovation. "If he walked into a restaurant I was in - I'd walk out", he told the news outlet.

But De Niro stepped up to the mic and made a decision to get one thing out of the way first. After leaving the summit, Trump quickly reneged on a joint communique after Trudeau reiterated to reporters that US tariffs on Canada that site national security as a rationale are "insulting" to Canadians.

On Monday, De Niro appeared to reference the dust-up between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Trump that erupted over Canada-U.S. trade tensions in the wake of the latest G7 meeting in Quebec.

While on The View, Meghan McCain said: 'When you are talking about how Trump's degrading our national discourse with his language, this is not the way to combat Trump, it only helps him'. And Trump trade official Peter Navarro said there was a "special place in hell" for foreign leaders like Trudeau who deal with Trump in "bad faith".

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