Published: Wed, June 13, 2018

Armed man takes hostages in Paris

Armed man takes hostages in Paris

The hostages have now been freed and the suspect arrested, the French interior minister announced.

The hostage-taker also claimed he had an accomplice outside the building with a bomb, according to Lefebvre.

Police in riot gear on Tuesday surrounded the entrance of a building in central Paris where a man was holding at least two people hostage, French authorities said.

Pictures and video posted on Twitter show heavily armed police officers swarming over the area. One of the hostages is reportedly a pregnant woman, and another is "severely injured", according to a witness.

There was no indication of a terrorist motive, police said.

The hostages are being held in the internal courtyard of the building, which contains a mix of offices and residential apartments.

French police, special police forces (BRI) and firemen secure the street as a man has taken two people hostage at a business in Paris, France, June 12, 2018.

The suspect was reportedly holding a letter he wants to be handed over to the Iranian ambassador.

Police have not confirmed that the hostage-taker is armed.

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