Published: Wed, June 13, 2018

SNP's Ian Blackford clashes with Speaker before walkout

SNP's Ian Blackford clashes with Speaker before walkout

Blackford concluded: "I have no options but to ask that this house now sits in private".

The entire cohort of SNP MPs walked out of the Commons on Wednesday after their Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, was expelled for challenging speaker John Bercow during PMQs. Blackford told BBC News afterwards that he was within his democratic rights to call for an immediate vote within the House, and the walk out was in protest against "the complete disrespect".

"The Prime Minister silenced Scotland's voice, having broken constitutional convention, and plunged Scotland into a constitutional crisis, will the PM now commit to bringing forward emergency legislation so the will of Scottish Parliament can be heard and, more importantly, respected?"

Blackford then refused to sit back down and Bercow asked him to leave due to the "repeated and insistent refusal to resume his seat when so instructed" the Commons and not return for the rest of the day.

He made the freakish and telling claim that 'even if we'd had 100 hours of debate, the situation wouldn't have changed, ' proving the United Kingdom government's contempt for Scottish devolution and desire to rollback the powers of the devolved parliament.

He used the parliamentary procedure to ensure the will of the Scottish Parliament is respected and that Brexit legislation pauses until the Scottish Parliament's motion is considered as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

"It is a democratic outrage".

"I think the people of Scotland have to reflect on what has happened here - a Conservative government has stripped powers from the Scottish Parliament and is not prepared to give us the opportunity to debate this".

He was followed by fellow SNP MPs who stormed out of the Commons to the sound of jeering.

The Scottish Parliament has already voted against giving its formal consent to the Withdrawal Bill, with SNP, Labour, Green and Lib Dem MSPs united in this stance. My mixed sequence of advice is that is better for the vote to be conducted at the conclusion of questions to the prime minister...

The Scottish MP had accused Theresa May's government of a "power grab".

Blackford was unhappy with the government's approach to the European Union withdrawal bill.

The heated scenario occurred during lively talks about Brexit as Prime Minister Theresa May faced tough questioning from ministers over the EU Withdrawal Bill.

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted minutes later that she was "right behind" her party's MPs.

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