Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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#ThanksCanada trending on Twitter after Trump's attack on Trudeau

#ThanksCanada trending on Twitter after Trump's attack on Trudeau

The Trump-Trudeau scuffle represents a pivot away from the once-friendly relationship between the two leaders.

The president has barely disguised the real reason for these trade actions, tweeting most recently that, "Our Tariffs are in response to his (Canada's) of 270% on dairy!". The tariffs came into effect on imports from Canada and the other originally exempted nations this month.

The public sniping at a sitting leader of state by White House aides shocked some veteran diplomats.

Trump arrived in Singapore on Sunday in preparation for his meeting with Kim after cutting short his trip to Quebec for the G7 summit, where he met the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the EU.

U.S. President Donald Trump says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's assertion that Canada "will not be pushed around" will end up costing Canadians "a lot of money".

According to the USTR, America counts Canadian goods that are shipped to regional trading hubs within the United States and then re-exported back to Canada or Mexico as U.S. exports.

However, despite Trump's heated rhetoric, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has expressed confidence that the trade conflict can be settled, but said it would take some time.

In a series of tweets, the U.S. president called him "very dishonest and weak" and accused him of making false statements.

"And in fact the picture with Angela Merkel, who I get along with very well, where I'm sitting there like this. we're waiting for the document because I wanted to see the final document as changed".

Though the decision comes with "regret", Trudeau said Canada would impose its measures "with absolute certainty and firmness".

The slow progress of the talks - the Trump administration has missed multiple deadlines to notify Congress of modifications to the agreement - has been accompanied by a hardening of US tactics over the past month.

"[Trudeau] really kind of stabbed us in the back", Kudlow said.

"The important thing for the Americans to understand is that our economies and industries are highly integrated" and that tariffs would be very bad for both sides, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "He should never have said it", Reagan said.

And Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is traveling to Washington on Wednesday to try to salvage the North American Free Trade Agreement, also emphasized the need for calm.

"A reasonable, balanced and firm assertion that Canada will not be bullied, and that we will retaliate if the US Administration does not end its attack on our steel exports".

Trudeau kept silence after the personal attacks.

What could account for such White House savagery against a historic USA ally?

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