Published: Wed, June 13, 2018

Trump and Kim meet after months of threats and insults

Trump and Kim meet after months of threats and insults

"Donald Trump should take a lot of credit for this because he went out the box and made this happen", said Rodman, who was an early supporter of Trump's presidential campaign. The eccentric former reality television star is one of the few Westerners to have spent time with Kim during multiple visits to Pyongyang. Gardner issued a tweet elaborating more on Pence's comments during the closed-door lunch, saying the vice president was "very clear" that "regular readiness training and training exchanges will continue".

However, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said Tuesday in a prepared statement that "the Department of Defense welcomes the positive news coming out of the summit and fully supports the ongoing, diplomatically led efforts with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea". He brushed me off.

"Our alliances remain ironclad, and ensure peace and stability in the region", she said in the statement.

Trump did say, to the relief of skeptics who, unlike the president, do not believe Kim is serious, that economic sanctions will remain in place until the US confirms that the North has given up the nukes. "If Trump can pull this off, more power to him", Rodman said on CNN. "Dennis Rodman was either drunk or on drugs (delusional) when he said I wanted to go to North Korea with him".

He said that he wants to bring home the roughly 29,000 US troops now stationed in South Korea "at some point" because keeping them there is "very expensive". "I guess it gave me a little more shine of a light, as far as like, knowing the fact that I did something pretty, pretty historical as far as like bringing awareness to North Korea and some of the issues that's over there", Rodman said. "And I asked for it today, and we got it".

North Korea's state media, referring to the drills, recently demanded that Washington "stop the acts of threatening its dialogue partner by force".

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Moon Seong Mook, a former South Korean military official, said Trump's comments on the drills confirmed what many in South Korea had feared all along - that North Korea would attempt to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul and gain substantial concessions from an unconventional U.S. president who thinks much less of the traditional alliance than his predecessors.

Rodman said: "It's a great day".

"I don't want to see that, I want to see it go away". I knew things were gonna change. "I asked him [Obama] - I said I have something to say from North Korea".

On top of that, experts say it's unlikely the North Korean dictator would allow his regime to shift in the way they sometimes do when an economy opens.

Citizens watch a live broadcast of the North Korea-U.S. summit in Singapore, Tuesday. "The plus one no longer exists and, under these circumstances, we have to wait and see how these six countries will react to this agreement".

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