Published: Wed, June 13, 2018

Trump Rips 'Punch Drunk' Robert DeNiro for Tony 'F-Bombs'

Trump Rips 'Punch Drunk' Robert DeNiro for Tony 'F-Bombs'

His tweet comes in response to De Niro's speech at the Tony Awards on Sunday, in which the Oscar victor simply said "fuck Trump" to a room of cheering people. "I watched him last night and truly believe he may be "punch-drunk".

After De Niro's comments at this weekend's Tony Awards, in which he announced "fuck Trump", the US President took to Twitter to lambaste the star as "a very Low IQ individual".

I doubt De Niro is going to lose much sleep over this, though, and, just for fun, here's his hit on Trump.

What did De Niro say exactly that would take away from the attention the president's historic summit received?

The rebuttal comes after the 74-year-old Goodfellas actor expressed his feelings towards Trump while introducing a performance by his pal Bruce Springsteen at the awards show. At this point, we all know that you can't publicly insult President Donald Trump without getting a childish retort, and POTUS has indeed tweeted his comeback.

Trump went back to the well with one of his favorite jabs - "low IQ" - but he did so while making an equally typical Trumpian error by misspelling a simple word: "too".

Yesterday De Niro apologised - not for his comments but on behalf of the United States president.

The Oscar-winning actor has starred in a number of boxing films, including Raging Bull, and he pulled no punches during the live television broadcast of Sunday night's Tony Awards.

The New York audience immediately started applauding, and as it rose to its feet, De Niro added: 'It's no longer down with Trump.

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