Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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Uber might use artificial intelligence to know when you’re drunk

Uber might use artificial intelligence to know when you’re drunk

The patent application describes artificial intelligence that learns how you typically use the Uber app, so it can better spot unusual behavior.

So in an attempt to avoid negative transport experiences for both user and driver, Uber could use this information to determine whether a more experienced or trained driver should be assigned to the user.

The patent mentions the app keeping track of how many typos a user makes, how accurate they are when (attempting) to hit the various links and buttons, their walking speed, and how long it takes to request a ride.

The patent application, which was first uncovered by CNN, refers to a computer model that can predict user states based on data from their current in-app requests, as well as their previous behaviours.

A new Uber patent would use AI to tell if passengers are drunk.

Uber will soon be able to notify a customer if they are drunk, before they get into one of their cars.

However, a patent recently filed by the company reveals that new technology could enable Uber to identify intoxicated users and provide them with a reduced service - or no service at all.

If there are no drivers with expertise in such matters available, the drunk passengers could be denied service.

"It would be cool if drivers got extra money for picking up drunk passengers. Therefore, it is desirable to minimize impact of such safety incidents in travel coordination systems", Uber states in the application.

Knowing whether a passenger is behaving unusually can help mitigate any issues before they become problems. Uber's planned AI feature could, in theory, let drivers easily scout neighborhoods to find drunken passengers for this goal.

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