Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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Nintendo Direct E3 2018: Daemon X Machina

Nintendo Direct E3 2018: Daemon X Machina

Judging from the trailer that they have shown- it's similar to a Gundam mech battle game.

Nintendo kicked off its E3 2018 press conference with a trailer for Daemon X Machina, a brand new mech game releasing exclusively for the Switch. The Arsenal mechs have been designed by Mr. Kawamori, a man with a lot of mecha experience considering his work on the Armored Core and Super Dimension Fortress Macross series.

Gotta love all that fast-paced, stylish mech action!

Daemon X Machina launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch some time in 2019.

The mechs (called Arsenal powered suits) are customizable. You'll even be able to equip weapons from defeated enemies mid-match to adjust your combat strategy on the fly.

While a new IP, Daemon X Machina boasts some impressive talent on its team.

Armored Core 2 and 3 Producer Kenichiro Tsukuda is joined by No More Heroes and Fire Emblem character designer Yusuke Kozaki, Soulcalibur composer Junichi Nakatsuru, alongside Ryo Hamamoto known for the Tekken series.

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