Published: Thu, June 14, 2018

Rebel Wilson's $4.5m defamation damages slashed to $600,000

Rebel Wilson's $4.5m defamation damages slashed to $600,000

Rebel Wilson's $4.5million defamation payout has been slashed to just $600,000 on appeal.

Wilson was awarded $4.5 million in damages last September, after a jury found Bauer Media had defamed her in a series of magazine articles that said she had lied about her age, real name and childhood.

The night before the decision, Wilson took to Twitter to reveal she wasn't bothered by the publisher's appeal.

The Hollywood star has been left with an award of $600, ooo for general damages only after her claim for special damages was rejected by three judges of the appeals court.

In the hours before the appeal, Wilson pointed out that Thursday's case was contending the amount of money she was to be paid, not the result of the case.

But today's appeal decision sets aside the special damages payout for economic loss and also cuts $50,000 off the general damages, concluding that "there was no basis in the evidence for making any award of damages for economic loss".

But Bauer Media successfully challenged that finding in the Court of Appeal in Melbourne.

In September previous year, Wilson won the largest defamation payout in Australian legal history, with Bauer ordered to pay $4.56 million in damages after accusing Wilson of being a serial liar in one of their magazines.

At the time, Wilson tweeted she would be donating the money to Australian charities and supporting the Australian film industry with the money.

It was the biggest defamation payout in Australian legal history.

Discussing the case earlier this year, Wilson said the magazines had launched a vicious campaign which derailed her career and had been "really, really hurtful and devastating".

The actress is now filming in Europe, and ahead of the decision, took to Twitter last night to say that regardless of the level of payout, she had won the case.

Apparently some weight loss companies are using her image to sell their shit, and Wilson's not into it.

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