Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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Red Cross Missing Types Campaign Encourages Donations

Red Cross Missing Types Campaign Encourages Donations

Jacob - and thousands of others with life-threatening conditions - joins the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) in encouraging to South Africans to become regular blood donors on World Blood Donor Day on Thursday 14 June 2018. Right now, the blood bank's stock is below that minimum, according to the release.

"The selfless generosity of blood donors makes a life-saving impact on trauma patients, adults and children fighting cancer, premature babies and those battling blood diseases", says Indiana Blood Center President Charlie Miraglia M.D.

The logo for Oreo, the famous cookie produced by Nabisco, will have faded "Os" temporarily to encourage people to donate blood. Join the movement and find out your blood type this summer. The American Red Cross is urging new blood donors and those that haven't given in a while to give blood this summer and help ensure blood products aren't missing from hospital shelves.

The Red Cross, as well as One Blood, have several opportunities to give in southwest Georgia. Organizers hope when you notice the three letters missing from some of the sites you see while surfing, you'll be interested in becoming a blood donor or help recruit others. This is only available for Whole Blood donors and additional information about this notification can be found in the app's Terms of Use.

Donations of all blood types are needed, but there is a special need for type O-negative and O-positive whole blood donors, type AB plasma donors and platelet donors.

The app now allows donors to book appointments, access maps of all the blood drives across the country and share via personal social media platforms, and as one of the coolest features yet, it sends a special notification to Whole Blood donors when their blood has been used to help save a life - in real time.

Everyone who registers to donate blood from May 29 through September 1 at a CBC Donor Center or a CBC mobile blood drive will be automatically entered in the "Build a Better Blood Supply Summer Blood Drive" drawing to win a $5,000 home improvement gift card. Blood donations go way beyond just the person who receives the blood. It's not just blood: it's keeping families together.

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