Published: Thu, June 14, 2018

Robert De Niro bleeped at Tonys for Trump F-bomb

Robert De Niro bleeped at Tonys for Trump F-bomb

Actor Robert De Niro used abusive language against the President of the United States Donald trump, speaking at the ceremony, the Tony awards in NY.

The unscripted moment left production people shocked, though it was caught in time to censor the audio before he continued with his speech about the Boss.

He has played Special Counsel Robert Mueller on "SNL" recently in skits mocking Trump (played by Alec Baldwin). After leaving the summit, Trump quickly reneged on a joint communique after Trudeau reiterated to reporters that USA tariffs on Canada that site national security as a rationale are "insulting" to Canadians.

De Niro, a noted liberal, has been increasingly critical of Trump, a Republican, at smaller show business events, but none have the high profile and audience of the Tony Awards.

"Good for him. I mean, it's Robert De Niro".

The 74-year-old star attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the Nobu hotel in Toronto where he told a crowd that he was sorry for the "idiotic behavior of my president".

Trump advisers also attacked the Canadian PM, branding him a back-stabber.

'I have one thing to say and that's F*** Trump, ' DeNiro boomed into the microphone.

His statement was responded by a big round of applause, from the audience which translated into a standing ovation.

Robert DeNiro got right to the point when he took the stage in NY to present a Tony Award on Sunday night, but the television audience didn't get to hear it. "Boy, do we need that now".

De Niro referred to Trump and his associates as a "gang of business-friendly thugs" and said that "business without humanity is not business, it's greed".

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