Published: Thu, June 14, 2018

World hails historic summit as Trump, Kim agree to leave past behind

World hails historic summit as Trump, Kim agree to leave past behind

Despite Trump's claim to have achieved something that eluded his predecessors, previous US administrations extracted more specific commitments from Pyongyang, only to see them breached.

Kim at one point told Trump that many people around the world would see their meeting as a kind of fantasy, as if it the event was a "science fiction movie".

Bush forged a deal in 2005, North Korea promised to abandon all of its nuclear weapons programs and return to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Hours after Trump and Kim first met, the two leaders emerged from their talks to sign a joint document.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that the USA has agreed to stop running military exercises in neighboring South Korea as part of its agreement with North Korea, which in turn pledged to destroy a major missile engine testing site. Along the way, Trump tossed out pronouncements on USA alliances, human rights, and the nature of the accord that he and Kim had signed.

"Of those alive today, only a small number will leave a lasting impact", the narrator said near the beginning, as alternating shots of Trump, Kim and North Korean pageantry flashed on the screen. Even more stunning was Trump's claim that he would eventually like to withdraw troops from Asia, an alliance-rattling statement that will warm hearts in Beijing and Moscow.

The drills - often called "war games" - are held in South Korea with local forces and United States soldiers stationed there. Trump described the drills as "provocative" and "inappropriate". Then the film progressed from grim black-and-white shots of the United States' 1950s-era war with North Korea into a colourful montage of parades and a golden sunrise. He was not talking about fire and fury, at least - but the president should not have used those threats of war in the first place when a strategy of speaking softly and carrying a big stick would have been more effective and gained far more support among US allies and in Congress.

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"A handshake is no substitute for a binding, verifiable deal", Warren said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

From now on, analyses from the diplomatic and intelligence communities that fit Trump's view of Kim will be favored, those at odds with his view may be dismissed.

At the signing ceremony, Trump said he expected to "meet many times" in the future with Kim.

After meeting privately and with aides, Trump and Kim moved into the luncheon at a long flower-bedecked table. "We're going to denuke North Korea". Trump insisted that strong verification of denuclearization would be included in a final agreement, saying it was a detail his team would begin sorting out with the North Koreans next week.

North Korea sees the annual exercises as a rehearsal for invasion, but the government in Seoul maintains they are defensive in nature.

When President Bill Clinton struck a landmark deal with North Korea in 1994, the isolated nation agreed to take a variety of specific steps that included freezing and later dismantling its nuclear program, as well as opening its facilities to global inspectors.

Asked if he had a message for the North Korean people, Trump said, "I think you have somebody that has a great feeling for them". Soaring music boomed over the speakers, and the reporters were bombarded with a montage portraying North Korea as some sort of paradise. First, after two decades of North Korean leaders trying to lure a US president to give de facto recognition to the regime for its nuclear weapons achievement, Kim struck gold. The longtime property developer-turned-politician later mused about the potential value of condos on the country's beachfront real estate. It followed a public greeting, one-on-one meeting, and expanded bilateral meeting. And he did not mention formally ending the Korean War, which many observers had predicted could be one outcome of the meeting.

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