Published: Wed, June 20, 2018

Yemeni forces: Hudaydah airport has not fallen

Yemeni forces: Hudaydah airport has not fallen

A displaced Yemeni woman from Hodeida comforts a child in their shelter at a make-shift camp for displaced people in the northern district of Yemen's Hajjah province on 19 June, 2018.

"With the participation and support of the Emirati armed forces, the joint Yemeni resistance (army) entered Hodeida airport", the UAE state news agency WAM tweeted.

"The expectation that Malaysian troops will be required to carry out humanitarian work is absurd as Malaysia is part of the Saudi-led coalition that is causing the war and humanitarian disaster, described as the world's worst by the UN Secretary General", he said in a statement here today.

"What have we done for all of this?" "There is death and destruction everywhere in this city". A senior United Nations humanitarian official told Reuters a leading determinant in arriving at that estimate was the risk of a cholera outbreak.

Taking the airport is essential as the coalition of Arab countries promised a quick assault on the city of Hodeidah in order for civilians to continue receiving aid.

"Hodeidah port is operating as normal and the movement of ships is normal", Malki said. But the Houthis were well dug into Hodeidah as it constitutes the key supply line to territory they control including Sanaa.

He said that the seizure of the port from the Houthi militants is aimed at "tipping the scales in favour of reaching a political solution and reigniting the momentum in the stalled United Nations negotiations by increasing the efficiency of the port and ensuring that disbursement of aid will no longer be controlled and abused". He made no comment.

But Senior Houthi official Dhaifullah Shami said on Twitter that Griffiths had "failed to achieve his goal and left Sanaa disappointed, without obtaining concessions".

A member of the Houthis' ruling politburo, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, denied the talks with Griffiths had focused on handing over Hodeidah "because this request is unrealistic".

"During all his visits, the envoy has discussed a comprehensive political solution that addresses ... all fronts and not only Hodeidah", he told Reuters by telephone.

The coalition intervened in Yemen's war in 2015 to try and unseat the Houthis, restore the internationally recognized Yemeni government in exile and thwart what Riyadh and Abu Dhabi see as Iran's expansionism in the region.

Around 22 million people are in need of aid, with 8.4 million of them on the brink of starvation, according to the UN. They say their movement reflects a popular revolt against state corruption and foreign meddling.

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