Published: Fri, June 22, 2018

MoviePass Introducing Surge Pricing for Popular Films

MoviePass Introducing Surge Pricing for Popular Films

Theaters has announced that it will add a subscription service to its already existing rewards program that will allow people to go to the movies up to three times a week for $19.95 per month. MoviePass now charges $9.95 a month to watch one movie a day in the theaters, including AMC's. However, with MoviePass you get to see more movies per month at less of the cost, and you can go to nearly any theater in the United States to use the service (not just AMC theaters).

"Heard AMC Theaters jumped on board the movie subscription train". Since MoviePass slashed its monthly fee, questions have mounted over the long-term viability of its economic model.

"It's been tough when you have the president of AMC essentially for eight or nine months telling everybody that our subscription was not sustainable, and then he comes out with a program that essentially could cost him $60 or $80 a month to pay the studios their minimums and collecting $19.95", Lowe added of AMC CEO Adam Aron.

"Our model is this: let's keep the price as low as possible so that we can get the occasional moviegoer, the person who is only going four or five times a year, to buy in", he said. Parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics said in an SEC filing that it may require a new capital injection of over $1.2 billion to stay afloat, which may be a tough ask for a company that shows no sign of ever generating a profit. Soon after announcing the launch of Stubs A-List, IMAX announced that it would be in full cooperation with the service and that there would be no added charge to see IMAX movies through the A-List service.

MoviePass responded on its Twitter account on Wednesday.

There are no limits on when the three movies can be seen - you can even watch all three in the same day. Movies won't carry over if a subscriber sees fewer than three films in a week.

MoviePass, which lets its users see one free movie every day of the month, is now charging $9.95 per month for its service.

"MoviePass's relationship with AMC - the U.S.'s largest theater chain - is strained at best, hostile at worst", according to Quartz.

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