Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
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You can’t hail an Uber via Google Maps anymore

You can’t hail an Uber via Google Maps anymore

However, Google Maps now only shows the estimated prices for Uber - as well as other ride-hailing services it supports such as Gett and mytaxi - before asking users to switch to the official app to complete the booking.

Google has scrapped a feature allowing users to hail Uber rides from inside its Google Maps app. Providing this is a permanent change, Uber may have just decided that it was exhausted of losing potential app users to Google Maps. To actually hail a cab, they have to open the Uber app. The company has, however, added a note to its Google Maps support page confirming its decision.

It's unclear exactly when this change took effect, as some users say that the iOS version of Google Maps saw this change past year. The company removed the feature quietly, without any explanation. The feature is not available for the iOS users also and it seems like the feature is gone for the good.

We haven't seen confirmation of Uber's removal from Google, so we don't know the reasoning behind it or exactly when it happened.

Moreover, the report further says that Uber integration was pulled from Google Maps for iOS last summer, but in a teardown of the Maps version 9.72 APK for Android in February of this year, the feature was still present. While the feature was active, you wouldn't even need to have the Uber app installed. Uber on Google Maps did not work unless the customer had an worldwide credit card registered with Uber.

Google Maps has long offered estimates of journeys from ridesharing services - including Uber. Ever since its announcement, this app and service has been improving and adding useful features, the last of which is a new smart option that groups similar pictures and suggests the best one to keep.

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