Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
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Algeria turns OFF the internet

Algeria turns OFF the internet

Speaking about the internet blackout, the public operator Algeria Telecom had said, "in compliance with instructions from the government, aimed at ensuring the high school diploma tests run smoothly".

Mobile and fixed internet connections were cut across the country for a total of two hours, to coincide with the start of two school tests. This restriction will continue till June 25.

Benghabrit stated that despite not being comfortable with the decision "we should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak".

The drastic move comes after questions were leaked online before and during exams in 2016.

Algeria is resorting to strict measures in order to rein in rampant cheating on national exams: it is shutting down internet access across the country during certain times this week.

The planned shutdown of the Internet will happen in the country until Monday, while in the country to pass state exams for high school students.

Schools proctoring the exams have also been equipped with metal detectors to make sure that no one, including staff, brings any internet-enabled devices into the exam halls.

Algerian officials have also placed surveillance cameras and mobile phone jammers at various centres used for printing the exams questions. Each year, the educational experts right before the academic examinations would come out with stringent measures to control cheating menace. Though the government tried shutting down social media access in the country a year ago, the move didn't go exactly as planned.

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