Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
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Bucks councils rise to the challenge of Clean Air Day

Bucks councils rise to the challenge of Clean Air Day

Southampton city council and the bus operator First Bus are similarly offering 50p bus travel for single journeys in the city, through a "Clean Air Day Single ticket".

A report due to go before councillors on Tuesday 26 June asks members to approve preferred measures for a Birmingham Clean Air Zone, which will then be subject to a full public consultation.

Evidence shows that spending time in areas with high levels of air pollution can worsen asthma symptoms, damage lung function and cause other health problems such as heart attacks, strokes and low birth weight.

A report released by Healthier Lancashire and Cumbria estimated that around 3.4 per cent of deaths across Cumbria could be attributed to air pollution in some way.

With help from Friends of the Earth, the school's eco group tested the air for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) at two different locations around the school. However, we recognise that we can do more.

A targeted national vehicle renewal scheme to replace older polluting vehicles that supports drivers and businesses to change to low emission vehicles and other sustainable forms of transport, taking special care that those on low-incomes and also small businesses are helped to make the shift.

The latest research shows that in 2016, 234 deaths in Buckinghamshire were directly attributed to poor air quality.

"They knew absolutely the things that they wanted to see, from more electric vehicle charging points in Waltham Forest, tougher penalties to those idling outside the school gate, more enforcement of the most polluting industries and vehicles in our borough, to adults taking less auto journeys and walking around the borough more, especially for the daily school runs".

The authority is required by the government to take action to meet legal air quality limits in the shortest possible time and, in order to achieve this, will need to introduce a Clean Air Zone by 2020.

"However, we understand the vital role that the city's local bus services play in bringing people into York to work, shop or visit so it's important that the public give their views on these proposed changes through this survey".

"We all have a part to play in ensuring that our children, their children and future generations to come enjoy longer, healthier lives because they have access to the clean air we are now denying ourselves".

Clean Air Day is a chance to find out more about air pollution and to help make our environment cleaner for everyone, so there's no reason why kids can't get involved too.

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