Published: Sun, June 24, 2018
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Choc Horror: Boullier insists McLaren do not hand out Freddos as bonuses

Choc Horror: Boullier insists McLaren do not hand out Freddos as bonuses

"We are not working with some Freddos", he said, before taking issue with one reporter's line of questioning.

McLaren's already troubled season descended into chaos here in France after a whistleblower described the atmosphere at their Woking headquarters as "toxic", branded the team's hierarchy as "clueless", and revealed staff are rewarded with small chocolate bars, believed to be Freddo bars, for their gruelling work.

"There have been a couple of stories about some chocolate-gate, I think in the media today which was a bit amusing to read", he continued, "and again, it was good because actually we have tonnes of email from people saying "this is a joke".so maybe it's a couple of people grumpy, which in any organisation you have some people who agree or disagree when there has been maybe miscommunication". In any organisation, you have some people who agree or disagree.

Asked if McLaren would take action against the individual, Boullier said: "This is an internal matter which we need to discuss".

"There are maybe a couple of people grumpy".

"Actually in some ways it might be good for us, because we've had a lot of feedback, and good feedback", he added.

"Again, it was good because we've had emails from people saying this is a joke".

"No, I will not resign", he told the reporter. I know some of you have written some articles but I'm at my 20th year now in racing. I've got my 20th year now in racing, I've won races and championships with every team I've managed before, including Formula 1, so this is some record that you can not take away from me. So I think we're on a journey.

You've got to wonder how Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne would be rewarded if they recorded an unlikely race victory this weekend. "We would like to go on strike but people fear for their jobs". However their off-season switch from Honda to Renault power units has been less than what was expected. We just need to make sure we are finding the issues with the auto and then correct them.

"We want to learn from this vehicle, and learn as well working with Renault, because it's a different partner from a year ago, so we have something new to learn, some of the technical options we have not explored yet".

"We know where the issues with the vehicle are, and make sure that when you build a auto and when you believe in a concept, you have to develop the concept and make sure you correct it for next year's one".

In reply, a McLaren spokesman said: "McLaren has one of the most loyal and long-serving staff in the entire motorsport industry".

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