Published: Sun, June 24, 2018

Woman teased for dark skin kills four children by poisoning food

Woman teased for dark skin kills four children by poisoning food

Maharashtra Police on Friday arrested a woman for allegedly poisoning a meal that led to the deaths of five people in Raigad district's Mahad village, the Hindustan Times reported. Police say she confessed to doing it because of family disputes.120 people fell ill & 5 died after eating at the party on Monday.

The woman in question has been identified as the 28-year-old housewife from Raigad. She held a grudge against her family and relatives and eventually chose to kill them all, police said. The woman allegedly mixed insecticide in the food and served it to the guests. Unfortunately, the people who lost their life were harmless children.

Soon after consuming the food, guests started complaining of stomach-ache and started vomiting. Unable to get any relief, they rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. When the local police got to know that all the guests who had food at Subhash Mane's place are complaining of severe illness, they made a decision to inspect the food. Khalapur police had sent food samples for testing at the forensic science laboratory which established the presence of insecticide.

They began investigation and found insecticide near the relative's house.

Survase held grudges against her husband Suresh Survase, mother-in-law Sindhu Survase, sisters-in-law Ujwala Pawar and Jyoti Kadam, her relative Mane, his wife Sarita, and also against Alanka Shinde, who had allegedly broken up her marriage by spreading lies about her. A few days back, Goa police arrested four persons including a woman for killing her husband.

Four children and an elderly man died due to food poisoning.

While talking to ANI, Raigad Superintendent of Police, Anil Paraskar said that the woman has confessed to her crime. "Further investigations are on". "During interrogation, she said that while her in-laws had already eaten by the time she could poison the food, she still went on to poison the food and served it to people at the programme".

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