Published: Tue, July 03, 2018
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Comcast Announces It Will Begin Throttling Internet Speeds For Mobile Customres

Comcast Announces It Will Begin Throttling Internet Speeds For Mobile Customres

What just happened? Though cellular connectivity restrictions aren't new, Comcast is taking things a step further by implementing a 480p video quality limit and reducing hotspot speeds from 4G to 3G. It's important to note that this change won't impact video resolution when using Wi-Fi, where customers will continue to be able to stream in HD.

Comcast made the announcement in a statement to its Xfinity Mobile customers.

Surprising no one, Comcast announced some imminent plan changes today which will surely make its customers hopping mad. Instead, its Xfinity Mobile services essentially piggyback on top of Verizon's network, and Comcast handles other elements of the service itself, such as phone sales and billing. Subscribers of the service are now getting emails from Comcast informing them about the changes, and they have to do with video streaming and mobile hotspot speeds.

If you are a Comcast mobile subscriber and aren't OK with this change, you can contact Comcast and request an upgrade to 720p video. "I hate how it sounds like they're doing us a favor like oh we're doing this to help conserve data or save you money", writes Csdang. For everyone else, the company plans to roll out these changes in the coming weeks. Longer term, the company plans to introduce a plan with 720p video before the end of this year. Over Wi-Fi networks, including Comcast's public hotspots, video will play at whatever resolution is streamed by the video provider, a Comcast spokesperson told Ars. You can continue to stream HD-quality video over WiFi, including at millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots.

If you have the Unlimited data option, your speeds on any device connected to a personal hotspot will not exceed 600 Kbps. Naturally, it will cost more. Some rival plans are throttled, but others allow 4G speeds until a threshold amount is reached. But the unlimited plan only provides 20GB of full-speed data each month-after 20GB, the plan is limited to 1.5Mbps downstream and 750kbps upstream at all times.

Comcast only sells mobile service to customers who subscribe to Comcast home Internet.

Specifically, Comcast plans to implement a 480p video quality cap for cellular connections, down from the previous 720p quality cap.

"We're setting personal hotspotting at 3G speeds for all Unlimited customers, which will allow customers to continue to do numerous things they enjoy doing online".

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