Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
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Greenpeace crashes Superman-shaped drone into French nuclear plant

Greenpeace crashes Superman-shaped drone into French nuclear plant

Greenpeace activists said Tuesday they had flown a drone fitted out as a flying Superman into a nuclear energy plant in southeast France, aiming to show how the country's reactors are vulnerable to terror attacks.

Greenpeace says the spent-fuel buildings have not been created to withstand outside attacks and are the most vulnerable part of French nuclear plants.

The drone, which was decked out to resemble a tiny Superman, slammed into the tower in Bugey, 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the eastern city of Lyon, according to a video released Tuesday by Greenpeace.

"Spent-fuel pools must be turned into bunkers in order to make nuclear plants safer", said Greenpeace France's chief nuclear campaigner Yannick Rousselet. They targeted the center's spent-fuel swimming pool structure, which could hold the matching of a number of activator cores in concrete swimming pools outside the very enhanced activator structure. EDF also claimed, "The fuel building is key for security, designed in particular to withstand natural or accidental damage".

EDF, the state-controlled company that operates the nuclear sites, said that it plans to file a police complaint over the stunt, according to Reuters.

The drone stunt follows a series of staged break-ins by Greenpeace activists into French nuclear plants, which Greenpeace says are vulnerable to outside attack, especially the spent-fuel pools.

Last October, Greenpeace France activists entered another of EDF's nuclear plants and set off fireworks.

The current feat adheres to a collection of organized burglaries by Greenpeace protestors in French nuclear plants.

Last week, 19 Greenpeace activists were handed suspended sentences for another incursion, this time at the Cruas power plant in the southern Ardeche region in November 2017.

Greenpeace's security breaches have sparked a parliament investigation into nuclear security, which is due to present its report on Thursday.

In February, eight activists were sentenced to jail terms or fines after breaking into a plant and setting off fireworks past year.

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