Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
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Samsung’s Texting App Is Sending Random Messages To Contacts

Samsung’s Texting App Is Sending Random Messages To Contacts

These phantom messages are being sent through the Samsung messaging app through MMS not SMS. This, however, will also prevent you from willingly sending photos through the app. 2.

According to the Reddit thread, one user claims that his Galaxy S9+ phone sent his entire photo gallery to his girlfriend while he was sleeping.

Samsung's smartphones may not be randomly bursting into flames now, but a odd and creepy new problem has appeared: some users are having photos randomly and quietly sent to other people. Samsung clarifies "If any user faces this bug, He must call the company directly at1-800-SAMSUNG". Experts say avoid the update if possible or go to your settings and disable storage permission. The issue seems to be limited to T-Mobile customers in the United States. Samsung's Gallery app has a Shared tab that allows users to share their photos to a contact without leaving the gallery. A Galaxy Note 8 user indicated the same issue.

Samsung owners anxious about the issue can go into their phone's app settings and revoke Samsung Messages' ability to access storage. Samsung said in a forum post that it was aware of the issue.

You can't delete Samsung Messages from your phone, but you don't have to use it to send texts on your Galaxy phone. The good news is, Samsung is aware of the issue and is looking into it. This way Samsung's default Messages app won't have access to any of the stored data, especially users' photos.

It is believed the bug could be due to a new messaging standard called RCS, which is created to make texting look more like a messaging app, complete with read receipts and typing indicators. The carrier had recently pushed an RCS (Rich Communication Services) update on to some of the users phones, and the issues started after that.

Once you've done this, you'll no longer be able to open your conversations or compose new messages in the Samsung Messages app, as long as you continue to deny storage permissions.

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