Published: Fri, July 06, 2018

'Black Day': Shehbaz Sharif condemns Avenfield reference verdict against Nawaz, Maryam

'Black Day': Shehbaz Sharif condemns Avenfield reference verdict against Nawaz, Maryam

Nawaz's son-in-law Captain Safdar was sentenced to one year imprisonment in the case.

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

"The Avenfield reference verdict should be announced tomorrow (Friday)", Imran said while speaking to the media before heading to Islamabad after concluding his two-day tour of Karachi.

"The accountability court's verdict is political and has many shortcomings".

The PML-N held a meeting in Lahore to discuss the court ruling and reaction to it.

Pakistan is going to the polls on July 25.

Sharif was disqualified from office a year ago by the Pakistan Supreme Court, which declared him "dishonest" for not disclosing a separate monthly income from a company owned by his son. The court ruled that the Sharif family's Avenfield apartments in London shall be seized by the federal government. Sharif and his daughter are in London, where Sharif's wife Begum Kulsoom is undergoing treatment.

Sharif's brother, Shehbaz Sharif, said all his party's candidates would contest the upcoming elections in the country and would "use the platform to highlight the injustice done to us and our disappointment in the decision", ANI reported.

Mr. Sharif was disqualified as Prime Minister in July 2017 by the Supreme Court following a challenge to his office by Opposition leader Imran khan on the basis of publication of the Panama Papers, which alleged that the Sharif family stashed away assets in London through offshore companies Nescoll and Nelson.

1990 - Elected prime minister for the first time. He is reinstated by the supreme court but then resigns under pressure and his party loses elections to the Pakistan People's Party of Benazir Bhutto, daughter of Zulfiqar Bhutto. During his term, Pakistan successfully tests nuclear weapons in response to regional rival India's atomic programme.

2000-2007 - Allowed to go into exile in Saudi Arabia in 2000 amid reports of a deal with the military, he was given a presidential pardon the day his family left.

2013 - Elected prime minister for third time.

The ex-CM insisted that elder Sharif's name was not even mentioned in the infamous Panama papers.

The Supreme Court disqualified him as not being truthful in his tax returns by not showing a salary as board of chairman of a Dubai-based company.

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