Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
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Twitter goes wild for viral thread documenting budding in-flight romance

Twitter goes wild for viral thread documenting budding in-flight romance

When that couple noticed that the two seemed to be hitting it off, they documented it on Twitter, in a thread that went viral.

Rosey Blair, a 29-year-old comedian from Dallas, asked a woman to switch seats with her on a flight from NY and joked that the woman's new seat partner could be "the love of her life".

The two even ended up walking off the plane together and Euan later connected with Blair. "We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread", she tweeted.

On Blair's Twitter handle, where she chronicled the activities of the new lovers, the story has accrued more than half a million retweets. "We couldn't have picked a better romantic duo". She said she and her boyfriend did some social media research and discovered both of the passengers were indeed single and had started to follow one another on Instagram.

Holden, the man who sat next to the mystery woman and then got in touch with Blair and her boyfriend via Instagram direct message after the incident, said he heard about Blair's viral play-by-play from a friend.

She said she heard both the unnamed woman and man - now identified as Holden - say "they're both personal trainers", and later added that the man used to play professional soccer.

That's when the "love at first flight" began, and the #PlaneBae hashtag was born. "Very attractive, beautiful. She has a lot to say for herself and is very intelligent", Euan said.

A love story made thousands of feet in the air has captured the hearts of social media users, with many eagerly following the developments of newly nicknamed "Plane Bae" and his mystery woman.

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