Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
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Grayson Allen, Trae Young Earn Technical Fouls After Scuffle

Grayson Allen, Trae Young Earn Technical Fouls After Scuffle

It's easy to dismiss Grayson Allen as just another unathletic white product of the Duke Blue Devils program. Mainly because he had the habit of tripping players and doing annoying things in the game that straddled the line of being dirty.

If so, you should be extremely excited to watch him as an National Basketball Association rookie. The answer to that was yes.

Allen and fellow rookie Trae Young were involved in a minor wrestling match Thursday night during a game between Utah and Atlanta in the finale of the Jazz's summer league series in Salt Lake City.

It was much ado about very little, as they both earned technical fouls, but the moment quickly went viral.

"That's not the first time Grayson has gotten tangled up with someone", Young told reporters after the game, "but it's not the first time and last time I'm going to get tangled up with someone".

But may I implore you non-Utah Jazz fans to step back and marvel at Allen, who I'm convinced will be an important rotation player in the league for years? People will make a big deal out of it, but this isn't the last time Allen will get physical with an opponent.

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