Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
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Fallout 76's service-based direction 'doesn't mark the future' of Bethesda games

Fallout 76's service-based direction 'doesn't mark the future' of Bethesda games

In an interview with Eurogamer at Gamelab, the question over mod support for the Switch version of the game was put to Todd Howard, and the answer doesn't sound too hopeful. Mr. Howard also said that he was quite surprised at how many downloads Fallout Shelter received on the eShop. "Or there's an easy way for them to get mods and pick and choose 'I want my game this way", because no matter what we do, once you release tools and you have this huge community making things, the best stuff rises to the top". I was forced to meet with a lot of "monetization experts" during Fallout Shelter that didn't work for us.

KitGuru Says: Skyrim does have an incredible amount of content to keep players busy, including mod support across PC and Xbox One.

Modding has been a pretty major part of some Bethesda games, especially with the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim. "Right now we're doing nothing", he said. He replied that they have no plans to introduce them. "People, they're on other things".

Although the support is such that it synchronizes every player and adds them to the server, the future lies in gamers having their own worlds where they can choose mods as per their moods. A controversial decision behind Creation Club was to make its mods for consoles a paid feature. This achievement marks Skyrim's peak player count in the last six months, a staggering seven years since its 2011 release.

Howard assures that Bethesda games will all have focused mod support going forward, but now, "we still think there's a way to go there". Nonetheless, when it finally did arrive, Skyrim fit Switch as we'd hoped, and the ability to play on trains and planes and the toilet, was delightful.

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