Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
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Squirtle isn't the only Pokemon with sunglasses in Pokemon Go

Squirtle isn't the only Pokemon with sunglasses in Pokemon Go

Now through July 31, Pokémon Go players will encounter more wild Pichu and Pikachu.

Niantic has also revealed that Celebi will be coming to the game soon.

Niantic's phenomenally popular mobile game Pokemon Go is celebrating its second anniversary this month, and the developer is commemorating the occasion in a number of ways. Players expected the "Summer Style" Pikachu, which dons both a straw hat and sunglasses, to appear at 4 PM ET (the standard start time for Pokemon Go events), but the new Pikachu instead popped up around 1 PM ET.

If that's not enough Pikachu for you, a selection of Pikachu Fan Avatar items will be available in the store.

As part of the Pokemon Go second anniversary celebrations, Niantic also announced that Mythical Pokemon Celebi will be "available globally in the near future" through the in-app Special Research feature. Additionally, players who have a gold Pikachu Fan medal will be able to purchase special items for their avatar, including a t-shirt and Pikachu ears. On its first anniversary, Pikachu donned Ash Ketchum's signature cap, after a party hat for Pokemon Day in February a year ago and was followed by a Santa hat during the USA holiday season. This will presumably take the place of the Mew mission, but Niantic didn't offer any further details.

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