Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Netflix Testing New, Pricier ‘Ultra’ Subscription Tier

Netflix Testing New, Pricier ‘Ultra’ Subscription Tier

Netflix is reportedly testing a new subscription tier called "Ultra" which could mean pricing changes are on the way. However the company will need to ensure it doesn't experience the kind of consumer backlash it felt in 2011, when it split its streaming service from its traditional disc service.

Netflix is about to go into ultra mode. With the second option, both Premium and Ultra customers would have the ability to stream UHD content concurrently on four screens, but Ultra consumers would have the extra benefit of high dynamic range (HDR) content, which provides a more realistic picture than standard HD.

During a few months of 2017, Netflix posted its largest three-month growth spurt - 8.3 million new subscribers - despite raising the cost of its most popular plan (the Standard plan with two screens watching simultaneously) by $1 in October 2017.

Cnet reports after a Netflix spokesperson clarified that all of it may just for getting to know how well the users value Netflix.

The Company has also been very wise to not conduct the mentioned tests of the new Ultra plan in the other countries of the world, especially India that requires an altogether different market strategy, one that is not too harsh on the pockets. But if you want the best out of your Netflix subscription, you must be willing to pay a bit more in the near future.

Shows like "Luke Cage" and "Glow" are available in HDR. Depending on how the trial performs with this initial group, Netflix may or may not decide to roll out this plan to a wider group of customers. Netflix also increased its Premium plan by $2 to $13.99.

But more likely there will be many homes wanting the stream on up to four devices and need to move up to the Ultra plan for that alone.

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