Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Oswego County Reminds Residents to Guard against Mosquito Bites

Oswego County Reminds Residents to Guard against Mosquito Bites

The state West Nile Virus Control Program reported this week that 15 mosquito samples tested positive for West Nile Virus in the state and one of them was in The Valley.

The most recent infected samples were collected in the City of Harrisburg, Derry Township and Paxtang Borough.

"In 2017, there were six human cases of West Nile virus confirmed in Lake County", said Mark Pfister, Executive Director for the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center.

"Culex pipiens mosquitoes, which are the primary carriers of West Nile virus, are most abundant in mid- to late summer, when the weather is hot", said Michael Adam, Senior Biologist for the Health Department.

"This is typically the time of the year we expect to see a rise in West Nile Virus activity and this positive mosquito pool confirms that", said Dr. Ruppert.

Most people infected with West Nile virus have no symptoms of illness.

Buy products with Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis)-a naturally-occurring bacteria that kills mosquito larvae but is safe for people, pets and plants-for stagnant pools of water in the lawn and garden.

- Use landscaping to eliminate standing water that collects on your property. "Make sure you are covered up in the early morning and evening hours when mosquitoes that can transmit these viruses typically bite". "If you have to be outside, wear long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, shoes and socks as weather permits", said Huang.

Reduce outdoor exposure at dawn and dusk during peak mosquito periods, usually April through October. When using insecticides, always follow label instructions.

Insect repellents that contain DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus are effective but should be used with care. People over the age of 50 are at the greatest risk of serious illness, such as encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord).

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