Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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Both Williams to start British GP from pitlane

Both Williams to start British GP from pitlane

Thus, from the pit lane at the British Grand Prix will start three races: Stroll, Sirotkin and Brandon Hartley. This was after the team opted to change the rear wings on their FW41s.

Both drivers spun off in Q1 on separate occasions. Sirotkin fared a little better and was able to recover. It is understood the newly-introduced rear wings have been reverted to the old versions, while other parts have also been changed.

Stroll admitted he was surprised by his car's reaction following the aero stall on Saturday when he landed in the gravel trap.

When a vehicle is taken out of Parc Ferme and changes are made to the specifications of the auto from qualifying, it automatically results in a pit-lane start.

Sirotkin and Stroll were due to start 18th and 19th respectively, so the penalty is a relatively small one.

"We have a phenomenon which we have not seen all year, or indeed ever before, whereby the DRS activation intermittently causes a complete loss of aerodynamic floor loading which does not recover at the entry to the subsequent corner", explained Chief Technical Officer Paddy Lowe yesterday after qualifying.

"We have been fighting stability problems all season as the auto is very unpredictable, and we have to look into it in more detail".

"I don't actually think there's anything wrong with the wing itself it's just something in terms of the vehicle with everything in combination", said Lowe, who admitted the problem is something he has "never seen before on this car".

So far, the Williams team has been struggling majorly this season, even more so than McLaren.

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