Published: Tue, July 10, 2018

Departing Brexit minister quits over 'dangerous' United Kingdom policy

Departing Brexit minister quits over 'dangerous' United Kingdom policy

"It maintains all the priorities that have been set out over the last 18 months".

She said she and the two departed ministers "do not agree about the best way of delivering our shared commitment to honoring the result of the referendum" in which voters opted to leave the EU. The EU is reassured that he's staying in his post - for now.

Boris Johnson has launched a scathing attack on Theresa May's Brexit strategy, saying the "dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt".

"Politicians come and go", he said. The mess caused by Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of EU-UK relations.

Meanwhile, the pound fell against the dollar and the euro following Mr Johnson's resignation, with analysts warning it was likely to fall further if he launched a leadership challenge to Mrs May.

A sense of unease hangs heavy. As I leave office, the FCO now has the largest and by far the most effective diplomatic network of any country in Europe - a continent which we will never leave.

Why so many resignations at once?

Hunt supported Remain during the 2016 referendum on EU membership, but has since been critical of the European Commission's approach to negotiations.

He wrote: "Since I can not in all conscience champion these proposals, I have sadly concluded that I must go".

The prime minister's official spokesman said she would fight any attempt to oust her as prime minister if the required 48 Tory MPs called for a contest.

Detailed talks were held between Number 10 and MPs on Saturday in a bid to reassure backbenchers over the Government's plans for Britain's future relationship with the European Union, while further meetings took place on Sunday and Monday lunchtime.

The next Brexit negotiating round is pencilled in for a week today.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to assembled guests, as she hosts a reception to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS, at 10 Downing Street, in central London on July 4, 2018.

Privately, key European Union figures admit there will be some give from Brussels - eventually. As I said then, the Government now has a song to sing.

"It seems to me, we're giving too much away and too easily", Mr Davis told the BBC.

May came out decisively in favor of a "soft Brexit", a divorce that would keep the United Kingdom subject to numerous agreements and contracts that govern the E.U., including a single customs union and a single market for goods. "You can forget it".

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