Published: Tue, July 10, 2018

George Clooney Injured in Scooter Accident in Italy

George Clooney Injured in Scooter Accident in Italy

According to multiple reports from local Italian media, the 57-year-old actor was injured in Sardinia, where he is now filming the mini-series, Catch-22.

The John Paul II hospital in Olbia said Clooney was released Tuesday.

A picture from La Nuova suggests that Clooney hit a vehicle while on the motorway.

Wife Amal, 40, came to collect him and the couple left in a chauffeur-driven vehicle.

Local reports say he was on his way to the set when a auto hit the bike he was riding.

On close inspection it is clear that the windscreen is smashed, which might have been caused by the incident. He has been in Sardinia since mid May, shooting TV series Catch 22, which he is directing and in which he also stars, alongside Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler and Christopher Abbott.

Based on Joseph Heller's classic novel, it will be broadcast in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.

It's not just the Clooneys spending the summer in Italy, George's parents and Amal's mum were also seen arriving on separate flights.

It was from that moment George made it his mission to land Amal, later taking her on their first date at a plush London restaurant.

Clooney has a home with his wife, human rights lawyer Amal, on the Italian mainland, on Lake Como.

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