Published: Tue, July 10, 2018

Love Island's Zara says it was hard to watch Adam kissing Darylle

Love Island's Zara says it was hard to watch Adam kissing Darylle

The 22-year-old personal trainer expected to "forget" about the 21-year-old government advisor by cracking on with someone else in Casa Amor, and while he managed to do just that with 24-year-old eye technician Darylle, he can not stop thinking about Zara now he's back in the main villa.

But, she said she didn't take things any further in the villa purely because of her job and the reputation she needs to uphold.

'My friends, family, the people behind the scenes for giving me this opportunity, the public, and a certain special girl that's brought out a different side to me that I didn't even know I ever had'.

"We had to have that conversation, there were a lot of emotions", she said.

He says: "I know that you've probably noticed that I've been quite distant which I know I have been". It was the most awesome thing.

'The problem is I won the show too early, when I met Zara.

The conversation was going on so long, I couldn't get a word in edgewise, she was speaking at me and I didn't get a chance to defend myself or explain the situation. I think everybody saw me try to make amends and I did apologise to her in the villa. Never say never. It's just hard to watch all of this. "But I would love to see him again just because of how incredible he was to me".

She confessed, "I don't think I'd pursue anything romantic with Adam".

Where have you seen this year's "Love Island" contestants before?

"The last time I was here [in the main villa] I was with Zara".

She added: "How can he kiss someone so quickly?"

She told The Sun that Adam went into the show with an "agenda" and it was a "shame" that people thought he was being abusive.

She then quipped: "So something I've learned today is that Piers Morgan is a die-hard Love Island fan!" What choice does he have after he's chose to stay in?

"I mean I'd love to see him again because of the connection we had". As much as I was asking why he didn't leave with me, it would be selfish of me to ask him to miss the experience.

"Everything about my time in the villa was fantastic and I can't thank everybody enough for the support both inside and out of the villa".

When asked if she's heading back to her job, she replied: "It is something I'm definitely open to in the future, I absolutely love my job".

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