Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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New Jersey woman dies after utility cuts power to her home

New Jersey woman dies after utility cuts power to her home

When the power went out, so did her electricity-powered oxygen tank, which she needed to be able to breathe. But Desiree Washington, Daniels' daughter, says they'd informed the company of her mother's medical issues in writing-the Washington Post notes, per the state's Board of Public Utilities, a utility can't shut off electricity to a residence if a "valid medical emergency" exists-and family members showed reporters a copy of a statement showing a $500 payment had been made Tuesday. "We extend our honest condolences to her family", Karen A. Johnson said.

"We put one ice pack here by her side and one on the other side". "She was horrified. We were all horrified". Since Linda's primary oxygen, which plugs in, didn't work, they used a smaller reserve, and when that was empty, they called EMS.

"One rep told me to stop calling, that there were too many tickets in the system", Desiree told ABC 13. "She was the matriarch of this family - she was the glue that held everything together", said Desiree. "PSEG said 'Oh, we're on our way.' Kept telling us that, but no one showed up". Power was eventually returned to the home Friday.

Daniels' two children and granddaughter say they don't know why the utility company turned the power off.

The power company said it shut off the power because of outstanding payments, and they'd notified the customer that the power would be shut off. Daniels died an hour after the medical team departed.

"I will give them time, but ultimately it's a very sad day and it's an unfortunate incident", James said. If Daniels' family could prove they had provided the utility company with information about her illness and the necessity of an electric powered oxygen tank, the provider would be in violation for shutting off her power and subjecting Daniels to the heat in her condition. "We are reviewing our records to determine what transpired". "We want to ensure it doesn't happen again, and we can not have our senior population in jeopardy like that".

Sherd said he paid the minimum $300 every month, and paid $400 in June, prior to the $500 payment made this month.

Workers would not have shut off power if they were notified of her medical condition, the company said, adding, "We are carefully reviewing everything that happened around this bad incident".

As Newark Police investigate the matter, Desiree said she may sue, but for now she's focused on funeral preparations and she and her family begin the process of saying goodbye to their beloved mother on Wednesday.

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