Published: Tue, July 10, 2018

US to release and reunite 50 migrant children with parents

US to release and reunite 50 migrant children with parents

For the remaining almost 50 children, some of their parents have already been deported, while others were released and have already disappeared into the shadows of the illegal immigrant population, and the government has struggled to track them down.

Lee Gelernt is happy that some young children will be reunited with their families by a court-ordered deadline on Tuesday.

Immigrant rights groups say the delay is a clear case of actions speaking louder than words. Government officials had to work overtime to determine which children it took from which parents, and as of last week, they were unsure of the exact number that needed to be reunited.

Two weeks have passed since President Donald Trump signed an executive order to end his administration's policy of separating undocumented immigrant children and parents, but chaos still reigns at the border and across the country as family reunification has hit roadblocks. Others have left the country or were released, Fabian said.

Fabian told the judge that once parents and children were reunited, they would likely be released from immigration custody. When adults went for criminal prosecution for illegal entry into the US, their kids were reclassified as if they came to the country without parents and put in government custody separately.

Officials said they were still working to locate the parents of numerous children, some of whom have been deported. "We just want NGOs and faith-based groups to be there to ask the families if they need a hotel room or bus ticket or something". The Justice Department today updated the judge on its progress.

"It's extremely disappointing that the Trump administration looks like it will fail to reunite even half the children under five with their parent".

DNA cheek swab tests on parent and child take almost a week to complete, said White, who called the risk of placing children with adults who aren't their parents "a real and significant child welfare concern".

Sabraw said on Monday he was "very encouraged with the progress" made so far, and ordered the government to provide a list by 6pm PT with the most current status on each of the individual cases. The administration cited difficulties locating dozens of the youngest children's parents, including at least 19 who had already undergone deportation proceedings.

In March, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's separation of an asylum-seeking mother and her 7-year-old daughter. One child's status is unknown because the government lacks information about the parent, Fabian said.

We are going to propose within 48 hours of contacting a parent who is in the USA, and within one week of contacting a parent who's already been removed to another country. I think now that the court is requiring them to literally submit information nearly twice daily, I think we're a long way from the point where the government is going to have to be sanctioned by the court.

Gelernt, the ACLU lawyer, said in court that the government had taken "significant steps" to reunite families but should be moving more quickly.

The judge directed the government to file a detailed accounting of the reunification process and scheduled a hearing for Tuesday at 11 a.m. PDT (1800 GMT).

"They're working nights and weekends to comply with the judge's orders".

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