Published: Tue, July 10, 2018

Wedding ring recovered from wildfire-destroyed house

Wedding ring recovered from wildfire-destroyed house

Ishu and Laura Rao of Goleta, California, lost nearly everything on Friday night when a wildfire burned their house to the ground, fire officials said.

A California couple found their lost wedding ring in the rubble of their wildfire-destroyed home and promptly became re-engaged.

The Holiday fire is now about 90 percent contained after it burned through 100 acres, destroying several structures in Santa Barbara County, the fire department said.

Ishu Rao found the charred rings amid the ashes after figuring out where the kitchen sink was by looking for pipes.

Laura always took her rings off at night before bed, and the fire broke out, the couple only had minutes to get their children and pets out of the burning edifice - let alone the rings.

Eliason says that she said "Yes".

The proposal had Laura in tears - the good kind.

She said: 'It put everything into perspective.

Laura Rao's Tiffany wedding ring is seen in a photo shared by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department after it was found in the remains of her home which was destroyed by the Holiday fire in Santa Barbara, Calif.

It shows Ishu Rao on one knee, putting the ring on his bride's finger, their charred home in the background.

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