Published: Wed, July 11, 2018

At least one dead in Pretoria plane crash

At least one dead in Pretoria plane crash

"There is smoke all over and paramedics are on the scene", eNCA news quoted a local police spokesman as saying.

One person was killed‚ two pilots critically injured and a passenger suffered a double amputation in an airplane crash north of Pretoria late on Tuesday afternoon.

"At this stage, we can confirm that crew members are attending to the scene of a crash", he said.

One fatality has been confirmed.

Photos on social media showed the plane's fuselage broken, dented, and charred.

Mr Meiring said ER24 helicopters were on the scene to airlift any critical patients to hospital.

According to Dutch radio station Omroep Flevoland, the chartered plane which crashed was a historic aircraft which was bought at Aviodrome aviation museum in early June.

It said the Convair-340 was a US-built passenger plane that could carry 44 people.

Aviodrome wrote on Facebook that it was "hugely shocked", by the crash.

The plane had been due to fly later this week to Aviodrome via east Africa, through Egypt, Croatia, Austria to the Netherlands.

The plane was marked Martin's Air Charter, but no information was immediately available about the air company.

The Civil Aviation Authority is expected to start an investigation into the crash as soon as all patients have been cleared from the scene.

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