Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Instagram Model Bitten By A Shark While Trying To Take Pictures

Instagram Model Bitten By A Shark While Trying To Take Pictures

Katarina Zarutskie, a nursing student in Miami with almost 28,000 Instagram followers and her own blog, was enjoying a trip to the Bahamas last month when she chose to swim with a group of nurse sharks.

The outlet said her boyfriend's father was taking a photo of her as she floated near the sharks when one of them attacked.

The model chose to keep calm despite having just been set upon, and raised her arm from the water so the blood wouldn't attract more sharks.

She said she felt the shark's teeth sink into her wrist, but managed to rip her arm free of the mouth quickly.

The photographs show her instinctively covering the wound and raising her arm up in an effort to stop the blood spreading through the water.

Katarina Zarutskie was bitten by a nurse shark. Zaruskie said she did not see them.

The nursing student recalled everything being fine when she first entered the water - until she leaned back and held her arms out.

One user wrote: "I think you handled the situation like a boss!"

"They are wild animals, and it's an uncontrollable situation", she said. She's been accused of being a dumb blonde who is obsessed with social media.

"[The doctors] now believe that I still have pieces of the shark teeth in my arm and I will forever have a scar", said Zarutskie, who noted she was anxious about the injury affecting her burgeoning modeling career.

"It was a very scary experience", she recalls.

"They took the information they wanted and really spun the story in a way that I'm a stupid blonde Instagram model", she says.

Katarina also rejects accusations she ignored local advice or went into the water during feeding time. I know he mistook me. She got out of the water with just the wrist injury.

"Nurse sharks are calm creatures", she told BuzzFeed News, adding that she had seen many Instagram photos of other people swimming with the creatures.

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