Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Netflix Makes It Easier to Watch Shows on the Go

Netflix Makes It Easier to Watch Shows on the Go

Of course, Netflix requires a paid subscription in order to watch or download movies or TV shows, something which we're sure you know about already.

With "smart downloads", the Netflix mobile app automatically deletes episodes you've completed and replaces them with the next show in the series once your phone connects to Wi-Fi again.

Netflix has announced a brand new feature called "Smart Downloads" and it will be available today for Android and later on for iOS. After all, you might not want to disconnect from that Wi-Fi network before your next episode is done.

Netflix director of product innovation Cameron Johnson said: "Since we launched the download feature in 2016, one thing has been clear - members love downloading and enjoying Netflix on the go". Smart Downloads also automatically deletes a downloaded episode once the user is done watching it. This tells the Netflix application that you're now watching the season and they want to reduce the friction you may encounter from continuing the binge session.

Smart Downloads can be turned off straight from the app's settings if you like. That's right, the feature is coming to Android smartphones and tablets first.

Select Smart Downloads appearing on the top. This whole process is done one episode at a time with Netflix's Chief Content Officer saying it is aimed at those who enjoy watching a TV show while commuting to or from work. Episodes that are slightly longer won't take up more storage space, Netflix says, because of the way Netflix encodes, or converts the video, for mobile.

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