Published: Wed, July 11, 2018

Theresa May urges Tory backbenchers to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power

Theresa May urges Tory backbenchers to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power

Tory Brexiteers say the proposals agreed at Friday's meeting of the Cabinet at Chequers are "Brexit in name only".

Mr Johnson left the foreign secretary's official residence at Carlton Gardens, central London, late in the evening, accompanied by his wife Marina Wheeler, and without speaking to waiting reporters.

Asked Tuesday whether May should be replaced as prime minister, Trump said it was "up to the people, not up to me".

Prime Minister May was forced to carry out a reshuffle of her top team after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis both quit over differences with her over Britian's exit from the European Union.

This is a possibility, particularly now Mr Johnson has followed Mr Davis out of the door.

On Monday, her office attempted to woo lawmakers from the opposition Labour Party, a move that outraged dissident Conservatives, who are prepared to vote to block her plan if it comes to the House of Commons unchanged later in the year.

"The Government have no doubt that this support will continue", it said.

Johnson quit Monday with an incendiary letter accusing May of killing "the Brexit dream" and flying "white flags" of surrender in negotiations with the European Union.

Reports suggested the Prime Minister would face a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

He went on to explain how the current political turmoil in Britain will work to the EU's advantage in Brexit negotiations.

One week later, Priti Patel quit as global development secretary over undisclosed and unauthorised meetings in Israel, including with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Donald Trump's arrival in the United Kingdom towards the end of the week is also critical - it will be a further coup if she can demonstrate that she can achieve something from her meeting with the USA president on trade or on security.

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was reassigned to the role of Foreign Secretary and Dominic Raab became the Brexit Secretary.

Davis did not urge other ministers to resign, saying he was in a unique position because the Brexit secretary's job is to sell the government's policy.

In June this year he urged Mrs May to deliver a "full British Brexit", and not something that was "half-hearted".

Mrs May surprised many by appointing him to the Foreign Office, a position he has frequently used to forge a distinctive position on Brexit, including by setting out his own "red lines" just days before the PM's crucial speech to the Conservative conference past year.

However, Mr Davis has said that he is not seeking to trigger a coup to remove the Prime Minister, and Downing Street insiders indicated that he was seen as doing "the honourable thing" in light of Mrs May's announcement that the doctrine of strict collective responsibility was being reimposed on Brexit. "Brussels must not mistakenly conclude, as EU Council chief Donald Tusk hinted, that one more push will destroy Brexit".

"Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain", said Mr Tusk.

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