Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Apple is getting the party started for the App Store's 10th anniversary

Apple is getting the party started for the App Store's 10th anniversary

In a nutshell, that seemingly massive 86% block is actually broken down into much smaller chunks because so numerous smartphones don't get updated to new versions of Android. With more than 2.2 million apps available, there are certainly some that make our lives easier, others we can't live without, and some we just have for fun.

Since App Annie was only launched in 2010, its analysis can only count usage from July 2010 to December 2017, excluding the first two years of iOS App Store consumption.

Apple also highlighted gaming in the App Store, listing hit early titles such as Super Monkey Ball, PAC-MAN, Angry Birds, Words With Friends and Real Racing, while console-level games were made possible with new technologies, resulting in titles such as Vainglory, The Witness and Arena of Valor. Since the day it was launched, the App Store has made huge impressions in terms of design and the utilities it provides. It eliminated the friction and overhead of setting up our own distribution and payment systems, making development far more accessible to everyone and letting us focus on our true passion: making the best apps we can.

Ever wondered why a lot of iOS apps or Apple services first get released in the U.S., and then rolled out globally or stay exclusive?

Before the App Store came around, mobile gaming was stuck in its nascency for what seemed like forever.

More people are also spending money on the iOS App Store. More than 500 doctors have also used the company's suite of wellness tools for clinical studies. They brought developers huge benefits as they would be able to receive more money for their hard-work which in-turn would most likely secure the future development of that app.

The creators of the iOS game Monument Valley said "The App Store refresh has shown players the creators behind the apps they enjoy everyday".

Starting in 2013, Apple has awarded scholarships to promising young students, giving them a pass to attend the conference along with a year-long membership of the Apple Developer Program.

Today, Apple says more than 500 million visit the App Store on a weekly basis in 155 countries. "The App Store opened the door for any developer, from one-person shops to large studios, to come up with a great idea, build a high quality app and seamlessly deliver it to the growing number of customers around the world that today exceeds 1 billion people". However, even in Q1 2018, 65% of "Super Mario Run" revenue was coming from the App Store, generated by a platform with a 14% share of the global smartphone market.

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