Published: Thu, July 12, 2018

Donald Trump visit to United Kingdom 'in turmoil' inspires baby blimp protest

Mr Trump arrived at London Stansted Airport at 2pm on Thursday for his four-day working visit. "Britain is going to have to look right around the world for allies with which to do trade deals".

"It's the office of the President that's coming to the UK".

Tens of thousands of people are expected to protest against Trump's visit in central London on Friday, citing his alleged Islamophobia, controversial policies and "incendiary rhetoric" towards people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community.

The embassy also warned Americans, however, to "exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings that may become violent".

President Trump: "I think they like me a lot in the U.K".

Mr Trump is coming direct from Brussels, where he was one of the main protagonists of the two-day North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. See PA story POLITICS Trump. That led roughly 500,000 people to sign a petition calling for Trump to be banned from entering the Britain. The proposal was debated in parliament where Trump was heavily criticized. It was an extraordinary rebuke from a close ally.

Prime Minister May has abundant reasons to seek a close relationship with Mr. Trump - not least, the United States will be an even more vital trade partner once Britain leaves the European Union next year - but it is an uneasy embrace, given her opposition to many of his key policies.

Queen Elizabeth II has outlasted 13 United States presidents during her reign.

The demonstrators plan to loft a large blimp-like balloon over the skies beside Westminster Palace, depicting a bronzed "Trump Baby" in diapers, clutching a mobile phone.

May's future was thrown into question after two high-level cabinet members -including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson- resigned amid the growing chaos surrounding Brexit negotiations.

The prime minister will host a gala dinner and a meeting with Trump, giving them time to talk.

The bulk of the activity will take place in London, where people plan to gather first in Regent's Park outside of the USA ambassador's house on Thursday and again across central London for a series of protests throughout the day on Friday.

But protests against Mr Trump have already started, with about a dozen activists from Stand Up to Racism Scotland staging a brief demo outside the Turnberry course on Wednesday.

Later, Trump will go to Windsor Castle for tea with 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth.

Russia, Brexit and the Middle East are set to top the agenda.

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