Published: Thu, July 12, 2018

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent offered plea deal in accidental shooting in Denver

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent offered plea deal in accidental shooting in Denver

The FBI agent who accidentally shot someone while dancing at a Colorado nightclub in June can carry his gun again, both on and off duty, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Bishop's lawyer argued during a short court hearing on Tuesday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation strongly encourages its agents to carry their service weapons while not on the clock. Bishop is shown reaching for the gun and allegedly accidentally firing it and hitting another man at the bar.

The hearing was scheduled for prosecutors to lay out the evidence against Bishop, but that was delayed after Goddard said prosecutors had offered a plea deal and Bishop needed time to consider it. A request was granted by the judge to modify an existing protection order to allow Bishop to carry his gun on and off-duty, 9News said.

A Denver judge agreed to let an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent carry his firearm again while he considers a possible plea deal to felony charges stemming from an off-duty incident. They declined Tuesday to provide details on the offer. It's also not clear whether Bishop's on active duty with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the station.

Bishop, who lives and works in Washington, DC, is charged with second-degree assault in the June 2 shooting at Mile High Spirits and Distillery, which was captured on video shared with local media.

Chase Bishop, 29, was off-duty when he was filmed dropping his gun while dancing. The gun fell to the ground when he did a backflip and went off when he picked it up.

The man, identified as Tom Reddington, is recovering.

Reddington, who has hired a lawyer, said he lost a lot of blood and that he "soaked through several blankets, several towels, a few gauze pads".

"It's freakish. It's beyond weird", Reddington told ABC News last month, describing the incident. I'm not vindictive at all.

"I don't want to blame anybody, throw anybody under the truck", he told ABC's Good Morning America programme. "So, let's just move on and deal with it as best we can".

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