Published: Thu, July 12, 2018

Get an Amazon Prime account FREE for Amazon Prime Day - here’s how

Get an Amazon Prime account FREE for Amazon Prime Day - here’s how

Our Amazon sources tell us that you can expect these systems to be as much as 42 percent off on Prime Day.

Not to mention Ariana Grande and other artists will be performing today at 8 celebrate some secret "unboxing" event, where more deals can be expected to be announced. That will get you all the free games from Twitch that are available between now and Prime Day.

If you want to take advantage of Prime Day, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime, but Amazon's hoping you forget to unsubscribe on August 16. Amazon says this year's edition of Prime Day, an annual blockbuster online sales event created in 2015 as a summertime version of Black Friday, will be bigger than ever, with more than one million deals worldwide. Prime members will also be able to shop for new handicraft products such as Kalamkari Ikat, Pochampally & Banarasi Sarees, Ajrakh hand-block printed apparels and even tribal paintings and jewelry.

Access to top global deals: For the first time, Prime members in India will have access to hundreds of top worldwide Prime Day deals. You'll have a day and a half in which to nab yourself a bobby dazzler of a bargain, and you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to do so. If it's just for Prime Day, you can subscribe to a Rs 129 monthly package if not willing to pay for whole year. On Prime Day, the company will launch a two-hour express delivery service on the back of "I Have Space" warehouses.

This year, for the first time, Amazon is fully incorporating Whole Foods Market stores into its Prime Day plans.

Next week, Redmi Y2 smartphone will be sold again exclusively on Amazon Prime Day only for Prime members. Lightning will strike throughout Prime Day, in the form of lightning-fast sales, which will come and go in a flash. Amazon Prime yearly subscription is now $119, with benefits including free and faster delivery times, access to Amazon's streaming services, and Prime-specific discounts. That means some of the very best deals can be gone long before people who aren't Prime members get to know about them.

Then, starting July 16, eBay's real rival sale begins.

How do I get the best Prime Day 2018 deals?

For those Alexa fans who like telling the AI interface to turn your lights on, play music and more, the Echo Show is now $100 off through Prime Day.

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