Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Ian Wright Risks Knuckle Sandwich In On-Air Row With Roy Keane

Ian Wright Risks Knuckle Sandwich In On-Air Row With Roy Keane

Football pundits and former worldwide players Roy Keane and Ian Wright went head-to-head in an amusing live on-air debate, after England's exit to Croatia in the World Cup semi-final.

"Roy Keane is just very bad I am sorry".

Speaking to the presenter Marc Pougatch, Keane says: "Before the game, we were talking about England and the final, France". England have reconnected with their supporters and found a young team they can admire while reaching a World Cup semi-final. On about the final, football's coming home...'

Mr Keane criticised the way they were planning parades and thinking about the final before they even got there.

'I know England may have thought it was a bit tongue and cheek a few weeks ago, but you've got to focus on just one game at a time.

A fired up Keane started the debate as he suggested many England fans had lost track of reality as they got carried away with the excitement of their World Cup run, with Wright eager to snap back at the Irishman in typically jovial fashion.

However, he was interrupted by Wright, who insisted: "We wasn't talking about the final, we were just having a laugh with ya".

"And I was right". We were happy, you weren't happy for us to be happy at that time, ' Wright said.

Keane, never one to let a potential dust-up pass, wasn't letting Wright forget that 1966 world champions England had been sent packing.

He took some flak, on social media, for his forthright views before, during and after the game but, when it came to the crunch, he cut to the core of England's failure. This was the semi-final, even at the group stages.

"The whole yesterday and today they were talking about the final the final the final", Keane began.

"Look at these England players, a lot of them haven't won a trophy, it's highly unlikely the first trophy you're going to win in your career is a World Cup."

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