Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Mural of Russia Coach Defaced, Restored After World Cup Loss

Mural of Russia Coach Defaced, Restored After World Cup Loss

The Los Blancos star and his Croatia side stand in the way of England and their hopes of reaching their first World Cup final since 1966.

In the end, neither Croatia nor England was expected to make it this deep into the tournament, but here they are and France is waiting.

"I think tonight (Wednesday) will be the biggest test for them". By comparison, during England's last match against Sweden-which happened during the very booze-friendly hours of Saturday afternoon, mind you-the BBPA believes a mere eight million more pints than normal were moved across the bar. If they lose, they at least can take pride in making it farther along in the tournament than their country has been for multiple decades.

"It will be a great game".

Mr Colgan's English wife Charlotte will also be cheering on the Three Lions, and he has three children - Gemma, Lily, who is travelling after finishing a degree at the University of Birmingham, and Ben, who in Birmingham studying.

Lily and Ben both went to school in Croatia and Mr Colgan said: "We'll all be WhatsApping each other".

Sandy Castle, general manager at the pub told the Recorder: "We chose to publish the letter to reach out to our customers, to remind them how much we enjoy hosting events like this and providing a safe environment for everyone".

He also said that he would be flying to Russian Federation to watch the final, adding: "I'm just waiting on my visa".

Meanwhile, over in Russia, Paul Dubberley, 58, from Aldridge is watching his ninth World Cup.

The video above captured the atmosphere live after the match.

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