Published: Thu, July 12, 2018

Nurse is suspect for up to 20 deaths in Japan

Nurse is suspect for up to 20 deaths in Japan

Kubo told investigators she did not like the responsibility of telling a patient's family a loved one had passed away.

Kuboki was arrested Saturday on suspicion of killing 88-year-old Sozo Nishikawa by injecting disinfectant into his intravenous drip. Ms Kuboki reportedly told police that she wanted to make sure that the patients died when she was not on duty so she would not have to explain the circumstances of their deaths to their families.

Kuboki told police that she hastened the patients' deaths so that they died on another nurse's shift and she didn't have to break the news to their families, newspaper Asahi Shimbun reports. She reportedly admitted to poisoning Nobuo Yamaki, 88, who was a patient on the same floor as Nishikawa.

A nurse in Japan has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning up to 20 patients so they wouldn't die on her shift.

Bubbles are an indication that a bag has potentially been tampered with.

Several days after security cameras were installed at the hospital following the deaths of Nishikawa and Yamaki, the cameras caught Kuboki walking in the hospital while carrying a box containing insulin, a drug used to decrease blood glucose levels of patients with diabetes.

The same antiseptic was also found in his bloodstream, and police opened an investigation at the hospital.

Subsequent investigations also found the cleaning agent in the bodies of an 89-year-old man and a woman aged 78 who had died around the same time.

Investigators found tiny punctures in the rubber seals of the bags, indicating that the antiseptic had been injected into them.

It is believed the suspect has not worked as a nurse since the 2016 death.

When they examined all of the nurses' uniforms, they found the chemicals around a pocket on Kuboki's uniform.

Kuboki has admitted to killing "at least 20 elderly patients" in her time at Oguchi.

Ms Kuboki became a nurse in 2008 and joined Oguchi Hospital in 2015 after working at another healthcare facility elsewhere in Japan.

But police are unconvinced that Kuboki had only "helped" gravely ill patients to die - there's evidence suggesting that healthier patients were also poisoned.

In his case, Kuboki allegedly sneaked into his room between 3 p.m. and 4:55 p.m. September 18, 2016, ahead of her 5 p.m. night shift. She has not yet entered a plea.

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