Published: Thu, July 12, 2018

Parents Allowed to See Rescued Boys: Hospital

Parents Allowed to See Rescued Boys: Hospital

Four boys and their soccer coach were rescued on Tuesday, on the final day of a three-day mission to save them all.

Despite the ordeal, the boys seem to be in fairly good shape, according to Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong, an inspector for Thailand's health department.

Thai authorities and representatives for Musk begin discussing the possibility of using resources from Musk's companies to help rescue the boys' in the cave, including using technology from SpaceX, Tesla, or The Boring Company.

"My job was to transfer them along", he said, adding the "boys were wrapped up in stretchers already when they were being transferred".

On Monday, July 2, nine days after becoming trapped, a group of divers found the boys 600 yards away from Pattaya Beach, an elevated rock mound within the cave system that is oftentimes used by those inside the cave when flooding occurs. "None of them show a level of stress that we should be concerned about".

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"The first thing I want to do is hug him,"he said."All parents have the same feeling".

Another video released Wednesday by the Thai navy SEALs shows one of the boys being lugged through part of the muddy cave on a stretcher while covered with a silver thermal blanket.

The complex mission for global and Thai divers to guide the boys and coach through the cave's flooded and tight passageways had riveted people worldwide.

Police officers took photographs of each other at the massive cave entrance, as pumps continued to suck out huge volumes of water.

But while they are out of the cave, and doing just fine - considering what has transpired - the "Wild Boars" football team members and their coach have a way to go yet before their lives return to a semblance of normality.

"We had a little bit of hope that they might still be alive but we had to do it, we just had to move forward", Rear Adm Arpakorn Yuukongkaew said. A movie about the Thai rescue could be made for less, Medavoy said, because filming in Thailand is cheaper.

At a school opposite the hospital in Chiang Rai where the boys are recovering, schoolchildren were in an excited, celebratory mood.

"Pure Flix joins the rest of the world in thanking God for answering prayers for the successful rescue of those trapped in the cave in Thailand", the company said in a statement.

Each boy was accompanied underwater by two divers carrying their oxygen tanks for them, and guiding them through the murky tunnels.

After days of mounting speculation, a former Thai Navy SEAL diver broke the silence, revealing the boys were sleeping or partially-conscious as they were passed from diver-to-diver through the cave.

The 12 boys and their coach were trapped after heavy rain in northern Thailand on June 23 but their rescue has now been completed. "He gives a "wai" gesture to every teacher he walks past, every time".

"The favourable outcome that has been achieved is nearly beyond our imagination when we first became involved", they said.

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