Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Eclipse 2018: Is there a solar eclipse today on Friday 13th?

Eclipse 2018: Is there a solar eclipse today on Friday 13th?

This eclipse is into the buzz in social media as it is going to occur on Friday, the 13.

On July 13, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from the southeastern coast of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand's Stewart Island, as well as the northern coast of Antarctica.

What can be seen during partial solar eclipse?

The partial solar eclipse on July 13 2018 will be followed by the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century on July 27, 2018, while on July 31, Mars will come closest to Earth.

"You've heard of the Tasmanian Devil, well demonic forces will be at play because this is a Friday the 13th partial solar eclipse".

People will witness the second lunar eclipse of 2018 today.

If you live on the south-eastern coast of Australia or Tasmania you'll be able to witness a partial solar eclipse, an event not seen on a Friday the 13th in 44 years.

The next time a solar eclipse will happen on a Friday 13th will be in 62 years in 2080.

Can the partial solar eclipse be visible from India?

Experts have prohibited directly viewing the eclipse without safety measures.

Researchers say the eclipse is important because it will enable astronomers to study the outer realm of the Sun, known as the corona.

Observers are reminded to protect their eyes during a solar eclipse and should never look directly at the sun with naked eyes. Ayurveda believes that in the absence of sunlight, the bacteria tend to get active. People who are sick, exhausted or old can stick to satvik diet (easy to digest meal) instead of fasting for an hour to maintain your electrolytes feed your body with fluids like tender coconut water or just plain water. This partial eclipse's duration will be one hour 4 minutes.

When the two line up just right, the Moon obscures the entire Sun, and the skies go dark.

Speaking to his more than 250,000 followers Mr Begley said: "Coming up this Friday the 13th will be a partial solar eclipse".

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