Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Instagram Stories getting more interactive with new ‘Question Sticker’ conversation starters

For example, in the screenshot above, you could roast the story-poster in as much excruciating detail as you'd like.

The question sticker is as easy to add to a story as any other sticker on the app is. Now, the Facebook-owned company has added the ability to ask questions in its Stories, a feature I'm surprised wasn't already there.

It is an update of the interactive poll sticker introduced in October past year that let users ask a question and present two options atop a photo or video. How will you be using the new Questions sticker?

The questions sticker is available as part of Instagram version 52 on iOS and Android. Decorate the story however you like then hit "share".

You can then tap on the question to create a new story post and although you know who wrote it the username will not appear in the post. Fortunately though, Instagram will keep the identity of the users private when the post is shared in a new story, although the original user can still see the identity of the person that asked the question.

Your friends and followers can tap reply when they see your story and can reply as many times as they want through that sticker. You can find all of their questions by checking out your viewers' list, very similar to how you view results to your IG polls.

Instagram added a new "questions" sticker feature to the app. Users can ask their followers questions and followers can reply with any answer.

Followers will see your poll when they view your story, and can cast their own vote to reveal which choice is in the lead.

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